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  • Joseph Stringer

From "Call Me Jonah"

This is the story of Jonah, a prophet who was called by God, but who fled from that calling. I am Jonah. You are Jonah. We are also every character within his story. Just so, America is Jonah--either drifting or fleeing from God. She is the sailor helping Jonah escape, the ship threatened by the tempest and in danger of foundering. She is among the mariners--afraid, each crying to his god. America is Jonah, thrown into the sea and swallowed up by a great fish, then vomited back upon the dry land. She has heard the prophetic call of God. “Arise...” America is that great city, Nineveh, steeped in sin, yet destined for salvation. She is Jonah, angry and unforgiving, sulking that God loves and forgives. Like Jonah did, America is fleeing from God’s clear call. She is on a path toward a new secularism: a course and a belief system which destroys the heart and soul, which has already brought us to great depths of darkness and which is swiftly leading us toward an abyss from which we will not recover...unless we repent. That repentance does not entail a return to our old ways but a turning toward an entirely new life; one filled with grace and hope, with love and life. Does God hold answers for America? Does He call us as He did Jonah? Come and see. Come walk with me, for I am Jonah...and so is America.

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