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Alien Nation

WhyWe Can't Talk
How We Heal


Chosen for life, wrought in wonder,

deeply loved and meant for royal splendor, 

we shine like the sun.

Yet we choose division, destruction and death.

We stare upon the sin we see and

refuse to discover the treasure within. 

How shall we heal our divisions in America? We need to face our own divisive sins and reach out to one another.

Pray, Sow, Eat and Love together.


The Ten Commandments For Business 

Rejoice and be glad, for we are in the midst of battle.  


The dominant secular forces in America seek to silence our Christian witness, oppress our churches, and erase our faith.


"God in the Workplace" and the SC Christian Chamber of Commerce are on the front lines of this battle for the soul of business and of America.


Come see how the Ten Commandments are the means to apply Jesus Christ to our workplace witness.  


Joseph Stringer, author
The Gem Testament

ISBN: 978-0-9903301-0-3

       Gem Matthews had thought she was in control...until the demon returned to her nightmares.

      She had looked to Broddin for help...but Broddin was fighting his own visions.

      From ages past, the demon plotted his revenge.  He wanted the sword, the one from the edge of Eden.

      Outside a modern city in ruins, an ancient sword is tossed into the air.  All mankind and time itself hang upon the desperate battle between a young girl and a powerful demon to grasp and hold that sword.



The Chosen 
The Gem Trilogy, Book Two 

Roger Noguchi was chosen: by some as a genetic mutation; by one as a warrior.


James Broddin was chosen: by some as an enemy; by one as a reluctant leader.


David Saul was chosen: by some to report and betray; by one to love.


Gem Matthews was chosen: by some for death; by one for abundant life.


Life was the one choice she wanted for her family.  In a nation hunting Gem and those she loved, death stalked their every step.  



Joseph Stringer, author
Joseph Stringer, author
The U-Pick Farm


When you take your children to the farm to pick their own fruits and vegetables, you'll discover the joy they find in nature.  "The U-Pick Farm" captures that joy in an illustrated story poem for you to share with them over and over.  They'll delight in the images and the pictures the poem paints for them.  And, if you haven't taken them yet, get ready!  After reading it, they'll insist that you take them out "to share in the fullness of Farmer Brown's yield."  Come out to discover the life of the farm, the freshness of the day and the joy in your child's eyes.


Happy Picking

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