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Joseph Stringer

Joseph P Stringer, author

I have been writing fiction, poetry and Christian commentary for years.  I  finally listened to my wife, Kathleen, and began publishing a few years ago.  


For a long time I ran from God's calling, just like America has run.  I tried to deny Him, but He has always been faithful.  You'll see in my books and my writings here that I am finally listening to His call.  


I hope to witness to our families, community, business and nation to the power of Christ's steadfast love.  That love calls us to purity.  We have forgotten purity, passion and the power of Christ's all encompassing Love.  We are increasingly alienated from one another and from our own design as being made in God's image.  


A note.  All materials are original and copyrighted.  No download or copying of this material is to be made without the express permission of the author.

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